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24 Oct 2022Local Accommodation recovered 2.500 apartments in Lisbon and Porto during last year
03 Oct 2022Local Accommodation daily rates surpassed 300€ in Lisbon’s Baixa (Downtown) and Porto’s Ribeira
07 Jul 2022May sustained recovery of Local Accommodation: occupancy of 73% in Lisbon and 56% in Porto
09 Jun 2022Easter placed Lisbon’s local accommodation occupancy and RevPAR at record levels
08 Apr 2022Local Accommodation occupancy reached 25% in Lisbon and 18% in Porto during February
25 Mar 2022More than 5.000 dwellings left Local Accommodation in Lisbon and Porto during the last two years
15 Mar 2022Resorts: Sales increased 70% and prices increased 16% in 2021
13 Oct 2021Vendas em Resorts sobem 30% - Expetativas estão também mais positivas e valorização reforça-se
08 Oct 2021Summer shines on Local Accommodation with occupancy rates reaching 40% and RevPAR €30
13 Sep 2021Local accommodation in Lisbon and Porto has little more than 5.000 dwellings
05 Jul 2021Local Accommodation with slight recovery in May, but occupancy remains below 15%
13 May 2021Local accommodation registered 70% drop during second lockdown
11 Mar 2021Nearly 4.700 dwellings left Local Accommodation in Lisbon and Porto
26 Feb 2021Resorts resist the pandemic: prices increased 5.8% and British keep investing
08 Feb 2021Local Accommodation: Lisbon ended the year with an occupation rate of 10% and Porto with 11%
19 Nov 2020Local Accommodation: September was the best month since the beginning of the pandemic, with an occupancy rate above 20%
01 Oct 2020Local Accommodation: high season ends with 11% occupancy rate in Lisbon and 16% in Porto
24 Sep 20202.900 Dwellings got out of Local Accommodation ins Lisbon and Porto
11 Sep 2020Local Accommodation: July with occupancy rates of 12% in Lisbon and 17% in Porto
29 Jun 2020Local Accomodation occupancy reaches 5% in Lisbon and 3% in Porto
22 Jun 2020Annual average rates in Local Accommodation drop 7% in Lisbon and 6% in Porto
05 Jun 2020Local Accommodation occupancy dropoed to 18% in Lisbon and 17% in Porto
07 Apr 2020Local accommodation daily rates in Porto only 7 euro below those in Lisbon
22 Mar 2019Resort housing prices increased 18% in 2018