Local Real Estate Report


Do you have an investment project?

In just one report access to the information of the zone!

Prices, supply, demand, dynamic and context!

Prices per range and area

RIL - Local Real Estate Report has 5 pages of statistics tables with the main market indicators, parish to parish.

It helps the main credit institutions with the processes of risk analysis for development.

Refers subjects about:

  • Socio-demographic
  • Housing stock
  • New developing
  • Residential supply
  • Prices per range
  • Valuation and absorption
  • Housing rents
  • Commercial rents
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A market X-ray with just one click.

You may access RIL - Local Real Estate Report through the Geo-Ci platform, automatically generating a pdf.


Or you may download directly from your smartphone.

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Real Estate Development Report

But if you are a developer or investor and would prefer a more detailed report, request a Real Estate Development Report.

The Real Estate Development Report adds to the RIL-Local Real Estate Report a surveying and characterization of licensed projects regarding its property, over the last years.

It also have analyses about:

  • Historical evolution of prices
  • Prices per typology and per area
  • Description of the surroundings.
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On the RIL - Local Real Estate Report you find data per parish, which source is Ci – Confidencial Imobiliário.

It's the perfect tool for those analyzing a specific project.

It's a flexible way to access the results of SIR and other databases of Ci – Confidencial Imobiliário.

On the RIL - Local Real Estate Report you find data per parish, which source is Ci – Confidencial Imobiliário.

If you are a SIR client, request your credentials or contact us for more informations about the access.

Real Estate Development Report is a statistic study customized for the area where your real estate stands. Its purpose is to describe the surroundings in order to help you making decisions and support you to attract investment and financing.

Do not try to obtain financing with less information than your Bank.