Credit Institution

Ci serves every main credit institutions in Portugal. If you work in that sector, learn how you may take full advantage of our statistical contents!

The statistical databases of Confidencial Imobiliário are a tool used by all the major national credit institutions. Who uses Ci’ indicators:

Banks use Ci statistics to meet the diverse needs of information at all stages of the relation with the real estate market.

On granting credit, from the databases with the SIR-Residential Information System and SIR-RU, they perform:

  • Credit risk analysis, validating the market assumptions of the real estate projects;
  • Validation of evaluations carried out, with warning systems of unusual values regarding each zone and type of property;

On controlling the value of credit collateral, from Price Indexes of Residential and Commercial Real Estate, they perform:

  • Verification of the value of assets, within the regulatory requirements specified by Banking Supervision;

In the management of own properties, in the context of loan recovery, they use SIR - Banking DivestmentNLPs System, an exclusive access tool for credit institutions, which gathers information on all properties for sale and transactions carried out. Based upon SIR - NPLs, they perform:

  • General review of trends of the real estate portfolio owned by Banks;
  • Decision on sale prices and better sale channels for each property and market segment;
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