SIR - Short Term Rental


The monitor of the market that defines the value of cities

Daily rates, revpar and occupation, by neighborhood and market ranges

- Lisboa e Porto -

Local Accommodation, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

The local accommodation market has been the driving force behind the appreciation cycle of city centers, affecting all other sectors of real estate investment, even at the outskirts.

Thus, the knowledge of its evolution and differences by zone and market range is crucial as a benchmark for the entire market.

The SIR-AL results from the full monitoring of the offer on the main online booking platforms.

- daily rates (in percentiles)

- occupancy rate (in percentiles)

- revpar (in percentiles)

- number 0&1 bedrooms active in the market

- number of nights sold in the market

- turnover in the market

Data segmented by neighborhood and by week vs weekend.

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Lisbon City Hall

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Porto City Hall

Câmara Municipal do Porto

Essential for the entire market

SIR-AL addresses all real estate market operators, as well the entities that want to monitor the evolution of Short Term Rental. If you are going to invest, advise or evaluate, know accurately the potential return of these types of assets at your desired location.

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Short term rental Operators and Managers

SIR-AL is your benchmark tool. Compare your results with the market and defend the added value of your service near the investors and customers. In what percentile of revpar do you place your properties? The SIR-AL is based on the same geographic network of SIR-RU, making it possible to cross the revpar with the sales price of the houses, in each neighborhood and market segment. Assist your clients in the 360º analysis of their investments