Micro - SIR


Transaction prices by zip code.

Edite the zone under analysis, navigating on the map.

Data updated monthly, segmented by market profiles.


Through Micro-SIR you can browse market prices postcode by postcode.

The Micro-SIR is a tool derived from the SIR - Residential Information System, benefiting from the georeferencing of data through the centroids of the respective postal codes.

Micro-SIR is based on sales prices, allowing users to customize their queries, segment samples, edit the map, or filter according to criteria such as type, typology, and state of use.


Access through the SIR Platform

Start by entering the zip code of your area of interest:

Micro SIR 1

Browse the data point cloud and view prices per m2 by market range, typology, and state of use:

Micro SIR 2

Edit the zone or opt for an aerial photo view, for greater detail on the territory. Define the search criteria, as well as the data time frame:

Micro SIR 3 Access now

SIR-RU Report

Download a PDF with your search information, to better help your clients in the price-setting and negotiation. Relatório Micro SIR

Associe ao relatório de dados Micro-SIR à informação de contexto relativa ao concelho e freguesia da zona em análise, com base nos dados SIR. Numa só ferramenta, aceda a toda a informação do seu mercado-alvo.

Download a demo

Micro-SIR results from the advanced exploration of data in the SIR - Residential Information System. The SIR is the only database in Portugal with systematic and comprehensive information on sales and leasing operations.

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Access to the Micro-SIR is exclusive to operators who are part of the SIR database and who, to that extent, feed this system with information from their businesses.

Meet the participating companies.

The Micro-SIR is based on Updated Sales Price (USP) data, allowing to maximize the local samples made available to users and taking full advantage of the data potential of Ci's tools, either the SIR or the Residential Price Indices.

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