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14 Feb 2023Housing pipeline In Portugal increases 17% to 43,800 dwellings
12 Oct 2022Vila Nova de Gaia leads housing investment in the country with 1.900 new dwellings under licensing
03 Aug 2022Housing developments launched in 2022, 48% have already been sold
27 May 2022Lisbon and Porto register 60% drop in dwellings under licensing
10 Feb 2022Number of dwellings submitted to licensing in Lisbon and Porto dropped more than 30% in 2021
05 Jan 2022Number of dwellings submitted for licensing in Portugal dropped 17%
22 Dec 2021Porto: Number of dwellings on the pipeline falls 20% and city looses share within the Metropolitan Area to Gaia and Matosinhos
03 Nov 2021Lisbon’s rehabilitation Pipeline with 26% yoy drop up until September
06 Aug 2021Number of dwellings under licensing grew 20% when compared to the pre-Covid period
08 Jun 202116.100 new dwellings under licensing until April in Portugal
08 Apr 2021Lisbon’s housing pipeline has dropped 36% during the first two months of 2021
25 Feb 2021Portugal with 46.340 new dwellings under licensing in 2020
04 Nov 2020More than 33.500 new dwellings under licensing until September
27 May 2020Developers more cautious, but resilient to the impacts of COVID-19
11 May 2020Housing development didn't slowdown during the 1st quarter, with 11,500 new dwellings in project
18 Feb 2020Licensing is the main obstacle to increasing offer
27 Jan 2020Housing Pipeline reaches 47.150 dwellings in Portugal in 2019