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24 May 2024Recovery in dwelling sales leads to new acceleration in prices
29 Apr 2024Housing prices rise 2.2% in Q1 and sales recover
20 Mar 2024PHMS: Recovery in sales improves players' expectations
14 Mar 2024Lisboa regista aumento de 6,3% nos preços da habitação em 2023
22 Feb 2024Ano arranca estável com variação mensal de 0,9% nos preços da habitação
23 Jan 2024Preços da habitação subiram 11,8% em 2023
19 Jan 2024Numbrr of housing sales increses in the last two quarters
26 Oct 2023Housing sales are steady, sitting around 31,800 dwellings
11 Oct 2023Housing prices up by 3.7% in Q3
19 Sep 2023August confirms slow-down in price growth, with a monthly variation of 0.8%
17 Jul 2023Housing prices rise 1.8% in Q2, the softest q-o-q increase in two years
04 Jul 2023Housing sales grow 6.4% in May, reversing almost one year of declines
15 Jun 2023Housing prices' increase slows down, reaching a montlhy variation of 0.6% in May
07 Jun 2023Inquérito PHMS: Incerteza e aumento das taxas de juro pressionam vendas de habitação
30 May 2023Porto: Rise in housing prices slows down to 13.7% in Q1 2023
25 May 2023Preços da habitação em Lisboa intensificam subida para 7,7% no 1º trimestre do ano
24 Apr 2023Preços da habitação aceleram no 1º trimestre com subida de 4,3%
14 Mar 2023House price rises accelerate again, with m-o-m variation of 1.5% in February
17 Feb 2023In January housing prices have stabilised, with a monthly variation of 0.6%
31 Jan 2023Housing supply in Portugal falls to 15-year low
24 Jan 2023Housing prices up 19% in 2022, the sharpest increase in 30 years
05 Jan 2023Subida dos preços da habitação desacelera para 0,7% em novembro
13 Dec 2022Housing prices increased 10.1% in Lisbon and 17.4% in Porto during the last year
18 Nov 2022Housing above expectations: prices increased 1.3% and sales stabilised
27 Sep 2022Housing sales in Portugal dropped 8% during the Summer period
19 Sep 2022Housing in Portugal increased 21% during last year
11 Aug 2022House prices in Portugal increase 10.9% during the first half of the year
21 Jun 2022Property appreciation accelerates in May: house prices increase 2.5% in the last month
07 Jun 2022Prices in Lisbon and Porto increased 13% during the last year
18 May 2022Housing prices in Portugal increased 1.3% in April
22 Apr 2022Housing prices increased 2.0% in the first month following the start of the war in Ukraine
17 Mar 2022Housing prices in Portugal increased 3.4% since the end of 2021
18 Feb 2022Year starts with new acceleration in housing prices: January registered a 1.9% increase
04 Feb 2022Housing prices increased more than 10% in half the district capitals
03 Feb 2022Difficulties in licensing lead real estate developers to fear sales slowdown
27 Jan 2022Housing prices increased 11.7% in Lisbon and 10.3% in Porto in 2021
14 Jan 2022Housing prices in Portugal ended 2021 with a 12.2% increase
29 Dec 2021Housing prices registered 11.7% yoy increase in November
19 Oct 2021Housing prices increased 9.5% since the start of the pandemic
06 Sep 2021Housing prices increase 6.4% since the end of 2020
23 Jul 2021Lisbon follows the Metropolitan Area’s valuation once again, with a quarterly price increase of 4.9%
14 Jul 2021Housing prices in Portugal with 4.5% quarterly increase
18 Jun 2021Housing prices registered 2.5% monthly increase
27 May 2021Improved expectations reduce Real Estate Developers’ interest in rental
19 May 2021Housing selling prices in Portugal increased 0.9% in April
06 May 2021PHMS: Agents and developers optimistic for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic
28 Apr 2021Housing sales in Portugal grew 57% between the two lockdowns
12 Apr 2021Housing prices in Portugal increased 1.2% during second lockdown
08 Mar 2021Housing prices complete one-year post-pandemic with a 2.6% increase
22 Feb 2021Housing prices started 2021 with a monthly increase of 0.6%
18 Feb 2021Rental housing is attractive option for 73% of real estate developers
04 Feb 2021House sales dropped 8% in 2020 representing 161.500 dwellings sold.
01 Feb 2021Housing selling prices in Porto increased 1.2% during the 4th quarter
28 Jan 2021Housing prices in Lisbon registered a 0.8% drop during the 4th quarter
19 Jan 2021Housing sales prices ended the year 1.8% above pre-Covid
10 Dec 2020November confirmed housing prices’ stability with 0.3% monthly variation
12 Nov 2020Housing sales prices remained unchanged in October
27 Oct 2020Housing selling prices dropped 2.1% in September
15 Sep 2020Housing sales prices continue to resist, with a 0.1% variation in August
12 Aug 2020Housing selling prices remained stable with a -0.2% variation in July
15 Jul 2020Sales grew for the second month in a row and prices resisted once more
18 Jun 2020Third post-Covid month confirms market resilience: Prices increased 0.9% in May
16 Jun 2020Housing sales recover 23% with deconfinement
18 May 2020Housing selling prices remained stable in April
30 Apr 2020Portugal had 44.850 houses sold during the 1st Quarter of 2020
09 Apr 2020Housing prices increase 0.4% in March
10 Feb 2020Housing prices in Portugal ended 2019 growing 15.8%
07 Jan 2020Lisbon suburban area had the country’s highest housing prices increase