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27 Oct 2022New rentals in Lisbon and Porto pay 10% more in rents
18 Aug 2022Rents in Lisbon registered the highest quarterly increase in five years at 4.9%
03 May 2022Housing rents increased 9.2% in Lisbon and 6.0% in Porto over the last twelve months
28 Feb 2022Lisbon's residential rents rise again with a 1.8% increase in 2021
26 Oct 2021Housing rents in Lisbon have already recovered, but remain 18% below pre-Covid numbers
28 Jul 2021Rents stabilise in Lisbon, registering a quarterly variation of only -0.1%
19 Apr 2021Housing rents dropped 6% since the beginning of the pandemic
22 Jan 2021Rents dropped 16.8% in Lisbon and returned to 2017 levels
15 Oct 2020Rents dropped 11.1% in Lisbon during the 3rd quarter
21 Jul 2020Rents drop 6.9% in Lisbon during the 2nd quarter
08 Jul 2020Rents in Lisbon with 1.8% yoy drop, the first in six years
17 Apr 2020Rents closed 2019 with a 7.8% increase, the lowest in two years
15 Jan 2020Housing rents in Lisbon drop 1.4%, the first drop since 2016
31 Oct 2019House rents’ growth slows down in Lisbon and Porto