About RICS

RICS is the higher accreditation, in global terms, concerning the professional standards for territory, real estate and construction management, with a history that goes back to 1792, when the Surveyors Club was founded.

In a world where more and more people, leaders, banks and business organizations demand a greater certainty regarding professional standards and ethics, obtain RICS accreditation is the recognition of the market professionalism. More than 150.000 real estate professional, working in the major and more emergent world economies, recognize the importance of ensuring a RICS status, becoming a member.

RICS is a regulatory authority, with individual members and companies, to whom gives the possibility to keep the highest standards, ensuring the sector the foundations to provide their customers with the highest levels of trust.

RICS is an international network, used by entities such as Instituto de Empresa (Madrid) or ISEG (Lisbon) to accredit its real state master degrees.


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